Power up your Spreadsheets

Sheet.best turns spreadsheets into REST APIs. Connect a gsheet or a csv to anything. Builds applications faster without worrying about a backend. Start now and see the possibilities.

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Fast and Easy

Connect your spreadsheet to anything
Ease of Use

Turn your spreadsheet into an API in less than 30 seconds and use it anywhere.


Administration panel, CMS, Website or App, control everything from a spreadsheet!

Endless Possibilities

From Content and Formulas to CRM and HR, control everything using our connections.

Connect your spreadsheets to anything!

Your spreadsheet can easily connect to anything. Use sheet.best and connect a spreadsheet or CSV to your application, dashboard platforms, CRMs and websites. The possibilities are endless!

How it Works

Easy connection as you need
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    Select a source

    Choose from Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Google Drive, or upload a CSV.

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    Set up a connection

    Tell us how to get access to the spreadsheet, we'll do the rest. From Power BI to gdrive, there are a ton of quick and easy options.

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    Magically ready

    Your API is instantly ready to integrate with! If you have any questions just follow our excellent documentation.

Use Cases

Common uses of sheet.best
Backend For A Mobile Application

Save time and use a spreadsheet as your application's database

Google Sheets in PowerBI

Use a shared spreadsheet as a data source for your dashboard.

Excel to REST API

Easily turn an excel spreadsheet into a REST API.

Chatbot Responses

Simply create, edit and manage your chatbot responses from a spreadsheet.

Content of Website (CMS)

A simpler way to manage content on your website.

Simple Database

Use your spreadsheet as a simplified database.

Pricing Plan

Our monthly subscription pricing

Need a custom plan or having trouble subscribing? Contact us

Don't know how to use sheet.best

Check out our documentation to learn how to create any kind of connection. You can also check out our blog for ideas on how to use sheet.best or more detailed example to solve your problem.

Need something more specify? Send an email to suggestions at sheet.best and we can add your connection idea to our roadmap!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How to I read or write data from and to the spreadsheet?
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